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Walking in the Favor of God

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Category: Convention Messages, Favor of God

7 Necessary Things For Walking in Favor of God

Acts 4:33 tells us that great favor was upon the apostles. Why was it so? We find seven things about them that helped them walk in the favor of God.

1. They were men and women of prayer. (Acts 4:24)
2. They prayed for boldness.
3. They continuously spoke God’s Word.
4. They sought God for the supernatural.
5. They completely sold out for the Lord.
6. They were in unity.
7. They exalted the Lord. They testified to His resurrection.

The favor of God is a gift that God gives to us to complete our assignment. A day of favor is worth more than a life-time of labor. The favor of God can make a poor woman rich in one day (e.g. Ruth, Joseph).

Favor is the secret hidden desire of every heart. Psalm 5:12 tells us the the righteous are blessed with favor and are surrounded with a shield.

We must learn how to receive God’s favor. True humility is the ability to receive. If you don’t know how to receive, you can hinder the flow of grace. Always maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a sign of humility. We’re not receiving many times because we cut off the flow of favor in our life. Let’s learn to walk in the abundance of God’s favor.